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Sanoxone-500 Injection

Price: 49.39 INR/Piece

Ceftriaxone 500mg

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Sylovit Syrup

Price: 160 INR/Bottle

Lycopene (6%) 1000mcg+ VitA2500mcg+ VitE10mg+ VitC50mg+ Selenium35mcg+ Zinc3mg+ Magnesium 2mg+ Iodine

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Anscal-SG capsules

Price: 1200 INR/Box

Calcium Carbonate 500 Mg + Calcitriol 0.25 Mcg + Zinc Sulphate 7.5 Mg

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Etoricoxib And Paracetamol Tablets

Price: 1100 INR/Box

Etoricoxib 60mg+ Paracetamol 325

Product Image (3004)

Nimesulide And Paracetamol Tablets

Price: 1360 INR/Box

Nimesulide 100mg Paracetamol 325mg

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Fluconazole Tablets IP

Price: 294.40 INR/Box

Fluconazole 150mg

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Carbohydrate With DHA Advantage

Price: 310 INR/Box

Protein Powder+ DHA 200gm

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Movenfree Gel Ointment

Price: 118.75 INR/Piece

Diclofenac deithylamine+linseed oil+methyl salicylate+methol+benzyl alcohol

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Diclofenac Potassium Tablets

Price: 850 INR/Box

Diclofenic Potassium50mg+ Paracetamol325mg+ Chlorzoxazone250mg

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Ceftriaxone And Sulbactam for Injection

Price: 159 INR/Piece

Ceftriaxone 1000mg+ Sulbactum 500mg

Product Image (2106)

Lysine With Multivitamin Multimineral And Enzyme Drops

Price: 65 INR/Piece

Multivitamin+ Multi Mineral+ Lysine

Product Image (3004)

Kill Pain Oil

Price: 110 INR/Bottle

Orthopedic Joint Pain Oil

Product Image (3004)

Ofloxacin Metronidazole And Simethicone Suspension

Price: 65 INR/Bottle

Ofloxacin 50mg+ Metronidazole 120mg+ Simethicone 10mg

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Cefpodoxime Oral Suspension IP

Price: 81 INR/Bottle

Cefpodoxime 50mg

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Sanoxone-250 Injection

Price: 27.03 INR/Piece

Ceftriaxone 250mg

Product Image (2106)

Anszyme Drop

Price: 88 INR/Bottle

Alpha amytase, Papain, Dil oil Anise oil, Caraway oil.

Product Image (1002)

Aceclofenac And Paracetamol Tablets

Price: 750 INR/Box


Product Image (1003)

Animpar syrup

Price: 60 INR/Bottle

For Paediatric Use Only Each 5ml contains:- Aceclofenac 50mg + Paracetamol 125mg

Product Image (1005)

Levocetirizine Tablet

Price: 420 INR/Box

Each tablet contains: Levocentrizine 5mg

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Nandr-olone Decanoate Injection

Price: 230 INR/Piece

Nandrolene Deconate50mg


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